Date of Birth: November 1, 2018
Ulisse del Tibur х Geneva iz Korolevstva D'Allba

We have males and females all black

Lovely puppies, fully socialized.
Cropped ears and docked tails (we can leave them as natural at early stages) *
Fully vaccinated and dewormed, pet passport, chip
Export FCI pedigree
Delivery to your doorstep in US, UK and Europe

Our kennel is registered in FCI since 1996
Iz Korolevstva D'Allba dobermann kennel

Ulisse del Tibur

Date of Birth: August 15, 2010

Trofeo Caliandro 2014 - Best Black Male (Pezzano - Coppo - Szokol)
Sieger AIAD 2013 (Pezzano - Coppo - Polifrone)
V1 Working Class Winner - IDC 2013
Special Dobermann Show CACIB Torino, CAC - CACIB - BOB, judge: Pezzano
Sg 2 Youth Class Trofeo Caliandro 2011 (Coppo - Killmaier - Zanieri)
Best Baby Trofeo Caliandro 2011 (Polifrone - Pezzano - Szokol)
ZTP V1A - Best of the day
Enci 2 73-80-97 pr
HD-A, vWD free
Echocardio + Holter 24h (October 2015, February 2017, April 2018)
Ulisse del Tibur
Ulisse del Tibur
Ulisse del Tibur
Ulisse del Tibur
Ulisse del Tibur

Geneva Iz Korolevstva D'Allba

Date of Birth: August 08, 2016

Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia
HD-A, vWD clear, DCM free
Echocardio + Holter 24h (August 2018)
Geneva Iz Korolevstva D'Allba
Geneva Iz Korolevstva D'Allba
Geneva Iz Korolevstva D'Allba
Puppies' photos and videos
Photos and videos are comming soon
* In some countries like Finland or Sweden, it's not allowed for their national kennels to breed and sell cropped dobermans. But it's allowed to buy abroad, import and own cropped dobermans. Cropped dobermans can be registered at national kennel clubs of such countries, can be trained for IPO and can be used as working dog without any restrictions. Please contact your national kennel club to double check this information.